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University of Ruhuna (UoR)



Dr. K.H.M. Ashoka Deepananda

Head, Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture

University of Ruhuna

Email: ashoka@fish.ruh.ac.lk    

  1. The base of the long-term observation station in southern Sri Lanka, providing sample processing, experiment and instrument storage space
  2. An important place for smart aquaculture will be established in the future, and the seawater extraction device assisted by our university will be used in this research
  3. Contact with University of Ruhuna
  4. Provide local student exchange information and increase the visibility of Sun Yat-Sen University. 80% of Sri Lankan students in our university come from here
Manpower allocation Adjunct Assistant*2
equipment Computer, microscope
Additional equipment in the future: water quality detection probes (pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity), seawater filtration equipment
Space     1 2