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1. Background

            Taiwan (in the subtropical west Pacific) and Sri Lanka (in the tropical India Ocean) are island-type countries. In recent years, our own marine bio-resources and marine ecosystems have been affected by the impacts of global warming, ocean acidification and environmental change. At the national authority level has notice and put efforts on research of these problems. Through collaborative in establishment and operation of the “Taiwan and Sri Lanka Environmental Change Sciences and Technology Innovation Center (TS/ECSTIC)” , academic cooperation between the two nations can be promoted, relevant collective research results will be returned to the nations as a reference for the adaptive solutions of global environmental change impact.

2. Expected Benefit

            Through the platform of TS/ECSTIC, it is expected to develop friendship and promote the information exchange between Taiwan and Sri Lanka's top universities. It will also help the cultivation of marine science and technology talents in the two countries, and further deepen the scientific cooperation and achieve mutually benefit.

3.  Areas of Cooperation

  •    Terrestrial Ecology and conservation
  •    Nutrient and carbon dynamics in coastal zone of Sri Lanka.
  •    Effect of global warming on coral reefs, marine ecosystem, mangroves and sea grass bed
  •    Smart shrimp aquaculture using the latest technological advancements.

  • Taiwan and Sri Lanka Environmental Change Sciences and Technology Innovation Center.......since 2019.02

Location:University of Sri Jayewardenepura,Gangodawila, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.

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  • Taiwan and Sri Lanka Marine Research Station.......since 2019.11

Location:University of Ruhuna, Wellmadama, Matara, Sri Lanka.


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